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We have made notice of some new Duran Duran tracks... What are your thoughts? Are they any good?

Poll: New songs by Duran Duran...
  • Super... I cannot wait to hear the whole album
  • 11 votes (55 %)
  • They have to grow on me
  • 4 votes (20 %)
  • They are not too bad
  • 2 votes (10 %)
  • For the first time I think ... give it up guys!
  • 1 vote (5 %)
  • Oh no... I think they are horrible
  • 1 vote (5 %)
  • The songs I've heard are a big joke
  • 0 votes (0 %)
  • The songs have some potential
  • 1 vote (5 %)
Total 20 votes


lady ice 01 July 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
i luv box full of honey! night runner is growing fast on me...red carpet massacre is funnily stupid..and i want 2 hear more!
Madeleine 22 June 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
I absolutely adore another track called 'Box Full Of Honey'! Very promissing! I am getting exciting... Lots of love, Madeleine.
jaft 19 June 2007, from IP:      Mark comment for deletion
wonderfoul that sound john is the best
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Created: 18.06.2007
Votes: 20
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